In the summer of 2000 three local California car enthusiasts, known as “the racer guys” started what is now “Open Track Racing.” The racer guys loved cruise nights, car shows and rod runs through all the local canyons…but something was missing. They decided to rent out a local race track and have all their friends show up for a track day where they could enjoy their cars and shoot the “BS” in a safe environment. One of the original group of track junkies was a motor head names Kailo. Being raised in Canada and racing anything with a motor, he knew these guys were on to something. He would say “I’ve been racing for 30 some years and I’ve never had so much fun”. When the track day ended, Open Track Racing began! The formula was simple, charge only enough to pay expenses, feed everyone, make it run like a club, and foremost make everyone equal.

About OTR

There’s nothing worse then participating in an event, and have an organizer that thinks he’s the only person who’s opinion counts. The best part about Open Track Racing or “OTR”, as it’s called is that it’s for everyone. It has 3 run groups, Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. For Beginner classroom and on track instruction is offered at no extra charge. All the people who help to put on the event and give instruction do it for the love of the sport, not because they think they can get rich doing it. People who attend these events are from a house wife with a rental car, to a world class driver testing his car for an up-coming championship race. There has even been a limo driver (in a limo) honing his skills as a driver to better serve and protect his diplomatic clientele. Kailo himself can be seen at the track in one of his 20 some cars, but mostly you will find him in his Formula car (and usually in the dirt somewhere). OTR has been featured on many local and national TV shows, and they all say the same thing. If you have a car and are curious about its full potential you won’t find a safer, nicer more relaxed group of people than at an OTR event.

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