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We have a complete fleet of Radical SR3s available to rent at all OTR events, corporate days, club occasions, & special gatherings.  Rental of our Radical SR3s include your own race crew, private instructor, and guarantees you approximately 200 miles on the track.  Chose to use them on either the 2.5 or 1.3 mile tracks at Willow Springs, or transport them to the track of your choice.  Rentals are available most days of the week.  Please call for more information or to schedule a date.


Radical SR3s are a state of the art, two passenger race car.  With 3g cornering capability and high top end speeds, these cars will outperform any Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche, McLaren, or just about any other car you’ll find on the street.  With their low profile, high performance, and sleek sexy style, these machines are perfect for a ride along with a friend, receiving or giving instruction, scaring the life out of your spouse, or simply being the fastest driver on the track.  If you’re a race enthusiast with a need for speed, it’s a MUST for you to take advantage of one of our amazing Radical SR3 rentals.  Call today to check availability and schedule a date.

For more information or to schedule a date, please call us at 1-818-206-8559

​$4,500 Per Day 
(Approximately 200 Mile on The Track)

This Is The Ultimate 
"Arrive And Drive" Package!

It Comes With Your 
Own Crew, and Private Instructor