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Event Info

General Information

- Open Track Racing events have three run groups (
yellow, blue and red).  See below for a description of the run groups. 
- All groups  will be made up of approximately 15 cars in each group. Each group will receive classroom instruction plus on-track instruction from some of the more experienced drivers.
- When you have entered a run group, you will be in that run group the entire day. If you feel that you are in the wrong run group, contact one of the instructors immediately and ask for assistance. Don't get caught in a run group that is driving faster than you are comfortable.  If you find yourself in this situation, exit the track safely and ask for assistance.
- When you register at the beginning of the day, you will receive a colored wrist band that will identify which run group you are part of. A track official will ask you to show your wristband while you are waiting for the okay to enter the track. 
- Everyone will receive 5, 30 minute track sessions totaling 2 1/2 hours of track time.   That's more than most people want or can handle! Take a look at the schedule below for details
-  As with all events, spots are sold in a first come, first serve order. This event is sure to sell out fast, so please send your forms in ASAP! Yes, I'm talking to all you guys that got stuck on our waiting list last time and never got a chance to run! 
-All types of cars are welcome at Open Track Racing (OTR) events.  Many of our regular members drive high performance sorts cars, however, you don’t need a sports car to attend.  OTR events are designed to improve your driving skills.  Everyone is welcome.
- You can get the application forms, release of liability, and tech forms and prepare yourself for the event to the left. Please go to "Event Registration" for details about registering for OTR events. If you have any questions, please go to our 
"Contacts Page".
- When sending in your application, please make sure to let us know what run group you intend to participate in. This event is open to all or everyone who wants to attend, so please tell a friend. 

The Yellow Group
Enter this group if you have not driven your car on a track before or if you are a beginner and require additional instruction and training. This group will receive additional in-classroom and on track instruction. Each Yellow group driver will be joined by an instructor during their first track run. You will be guided through a lead-and-follow the first time you are on the track. This will give you more time to learn the lines and get comfortable with the track. The speeds will be slower and more regulated in this group.  As the day progresses there will be some safe passing allowed in specific areas of the track (typically the front and back straight).

The Blue Group
Enter this group if you have recent track experience and are confident on the Willow Springs Big track. Track Speeds are more excessive in this group than the yellow group.  If you have entered this group and any one of our instructors or officials see that you do not have the experience needed to run in this group, you will quickly be black flagged and sent to the yellow group or banned from the track entirely. This group will receive the basic classroom instruction and will not receive in-car driver instruction.  Passing will be allowed on the front and back straight for this group. This group is for experienced drivers only.

The Red Group
The red group is made up of very experienced drivers and instructors. Open Track Racing is attended by semi-professional and professional drivers and the red group runs are typically very fast. Before entering this group, you must obtain approval from one of the instructors.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us or call (818) 206-8559 and all your questions will be answered. 
Thanks and See You at the Track!