​​Tech Inspection: 
It is your obligation to physically check every item on the Tech Inspection Form. Do not assume your lugs are tight, for instance, re-torque them to make sure. The checklist is for your safety and the safety of the others on the track with you, and should not be dismissed as a formality. After inspecting your car, you must sign the bottom of the form (in both places if you're self inspecting), which indicates that you have, in good faith, checked every item on this form. Please bring this form with you to the track, or you'll have to do a new tech at the track, possibly missing your first run group. Thanks for your cooperation.
Contact Open Track Racing prior to entering if you drive a convertible.  Some tracks allow convertibles with roll bars.
Cars must have seat belt restraints for both driver and passenger. Of course a five or six point harness would be preferable. 
Any fully functional regular motorcycle or auto racing helmet is acceptable. You are responsible for providing your own helmet. 
Check your brakes before every event and every time you exit the track on to the paddock. 
Brake fluid can boil on a hot day, indicated by a soft pedal.
Tire pressure will raise as the your tires heat up on the track. Ask one of the veterans or instructors on the best tire pressure for your car.  Many veterans run different tire pressure on the front and back tires or left to right side.
There is usually high octane gasoline available at the track.   Check with Open Track Racing for the specifics at any particular track.  Fill up before getting to the track. It is a good idea to have a full tank and it will same you save money also.
Check the weather a day before the event and dress comfortably.   Wear a pair of jeans or other long pants. A long sleeve cotton shirt is highly recommended.  Wear shoes that will not get caught up while driving. Driving shoes are preferred, however tennis shoes are a viable alternative.
Plan on drinking a lot of water.   You will need it.  Bring bottled water with you so you always have some handy.

This is a good time to go through your car and remove any articles that will not be required while driving and to secure or remove any items that are not nailed down. Also make sure your battery, spare tire and jack are secured.   Remember, we are there to HAVE FUN, so have you and your car prepared. 

Event Preparation

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