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OTR Instructors & Staff

Driving Instructor

Kelly Hine

- Stunt Driver with over 20 Experience 

- Pikes Peak Competitor 

High HP Driving Instructor

Michael Schaaf

aka The Stig

aka The Intimidator

- Cries Every time He Has To Pay For A Students Car He Wrecked

Event Coordinator & Instructor

Kailo Messier

- Confidence Builder For Novice Drivers

- Makes Drivers Fast While Keeping Them Safe

Long Time Ferrari President

Peter Carniglia

- Has Raced Ferrari Cars Coast to Coast

- His Passion Is Running Open Wheel Cars

OTR Event Organizer

Kailynne Messier

- Available for track pointers, or to show you the race line

Head Driving Instructor

Jack Olsen

aka Fast Jack

aka Handsome Jack

aka GQ Jack

Comfort Control Administrator

Ted Bear

aka Teddy

- Gives Hugs In Times Of Need

- Cautious Not To Anger, He Is A Bear!

Stunt Drive & Instructor

Prestin Persson

- Film & TV's Most Sought After Female Stunt Driver 

- Precision Car Control Expert

Driving Coach

Mike Calka

- Expert Car Control

- Race Chassis Fabricator

- The Reason Life Is Worth Living

- I Love You, Daddy

OTR Rental Car Manager

Natasha Lindy

- Spent The Last 10 Years Managing A 3 Time Kiwi Champion Team.

- She's The One That Makes All Your Driving Dreams Come True!