1-818-802-7374        1-818-206-8559

Stunt Drive & Instructor

Prestin Persson

- Film & TV's Most Sought After Female Stunt Driver 

- Precision Car Control Expert

Event Coordinator & Instructor

Kailo Messier

- Confidence Builder For Novice Drivers

- Makes Drivers Fast While Keeping Them Safe

OTR Event Organizer

Kailynne Messier

- Available for track pointers, or to show you the race line

OTR Rental Car Manager

Natasha Lindy

- Spent The Last 10 Years Managing A 3 Time Kiwi Champion Team.

- She's The One That Makes All Your Driving Dreams Come True!

OTR Instructors & Staff

- The Reason Life Is Worth Living

- I Love You, Daddy

High HP Driving Instructor

Michael Schaaf

aka The Stig

aka The Intimidator

- Cries Every time He Has To Pay For A Students Car He Wrecked

Long Time Ferrari President

Peter Carniglia

- Has Raced Ferrari Cars Coast to Coast

- His Passion Is Running Open Wheel Cars

Head Driving Instructor

Jack Olsen

aka Fast Jack

aka Handsome Jack

aka GQ Jack

Driving Instructor

Kelly Hine

- Stunt Driver with over 20 Experience 

- Pikes Peak Competitor 

Comfort Control Administrator

Ted Bear

aka Teddy

- Gives Hugs In Times Of Need

- Cautious Not To Anger, He Is A Bear!

Driving Coach

Mike Calka

- Expert Car Control

- Race Chassis Fabricator